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How to become an IRCop?

First off, don't *ask* to be one. Admins tend not to pick folks as it is often a sign to be taken as begging. This is highly frowned upon as Admins prefer to choose someone who is around often, makes themselves known through helping rather than pestering. A willingness to help is a definite must. IRCops spend a lot of their time helping users. Admins will not choose:

  1. Folks who appear to want the IRCop privileges for the /kill command
  2. Folks who think the IRCop priviledges is a sign of power
  3. Folks who just think being an IRCop is "cyewl"
  4. Folks who are not around much
  5. Folks who make a nuisance of themselves.

By following proper etiquette - kindness, helpfulness, and respect, you raise your chances of being noticed tremendously. When an Admin feels you are ready, they will approach you - not the other way around. *
Remeber, when the Admins would need IRCops, they will look for people for this positions, you DO NOT have to look for them.

My personal opinion about the persons that could become IRCops is:

  • It has to be a person that helps without the interest to become an IRCop.
  • It has to be a person who likes to learn always more, but also that will try to find the answers by itself.
  • It has to be a person who likes to accept new challenges and responsibilities.
  • It has to be a person who likes helping and chatting, and a person that has a lot of patience.

Is it easy to be an IRCop?

Its not easy to be an IRCop, requires a lot of time and dedication of your part. You always have to be available to help. All though you act when there are attacks and other type of situations that are against the rules of DALnet, you have to do it concient of what you are doing.

No way its easy, many times you have 100 tiny windows from people that is waiting for help. Also sometimes you have to leave your friends and your channels to help others. Most of the times people gets tired of waiting for some help and insults you and miss understanding you, when what really happens is that you have a lot of people waiting for help.

I hope this information is useful.

* Text from DALnet 's WebPage