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Hello! Thank you for visiting my personal webpage.

At one time, IRC was the best way to communicate through the Internet. Many factors have made IRC maintain its network presence and to continue being used after the arrival of other more interactive chat alternatives: fast, low-bandwidth, .....

DALnet is still the best IRC network worldwide, it has servers located around the world and services that have devoted this network as a leader: ability to register nicknames and channels, possibility of using nicknames longer than 30 characters, messaging between registered users, .....

You can find me in DALnet where I'm an IRCop. I use the nick CaeSpock.

IRC has not only given me the opportunity to acquire and share ideas and knowledge, but also learn ways of life and the chance to make many friends.

Why the nick CaeSpock?

Well, CAE commes from combining my names Carlos Eduardo. The second part refers to Mr. Spock from Star Trek. Remember? that of the big ears! :) Yes yes, that one :P.


In free time, I also develop CaeScript, a script or set of routines created for the IRC clients mIRC and irssi. There are versions in Spanish and English, it has colour modules, messages, oper stuff... and it's free! You can download it from: