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Eggdrop TCL's

This is a set of TCL scripts for EggDrop bots.
The bundle contains:
  • dalops.tcl v. 1.3.5
    TCL for timed identification to services, prevents flooding services and asks for ops when not opped.

  • greet.tcl v. 1.2
    TCL for channel on join greet.

  • ops.tcl v. 2.10
    Messages to channel ops and channel voiced + ops members.

  • antispam.tcl v. 1.1
    KickBans the user that sent any spam message.

  • antidccsend.tcl v. 2.0
    KickBans the user that sent any file to the bot.

  • relayall.tcl v. 1.0
    Relays all messages on any channel, to a private channel. Ideal for hunting spam.

  • relayspy.tcl v. 1.0.1
    Relays any message, notice, nick change, part, join, kicks on a given channel to other channel.

  • spamchecker.tcl v. 1.0
    Excelent script for spam catching functions. Joins periodically defined channels or per requested channels, and relays all notices, or messages received to a channel.

  • Download the latest TCL pack.
  • GitHub project

    You can follow the GitHub project here: